¿What is Rocketbot?

Rocketbot is a framework to build robots (RPA) on the cloud or on premises. Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac. Build robots in minutes!

Easy to use
Drag and drop

Cloud Management

Instant Deployment
one - click execution

Free development license
For all OS

Integrate your favorite applications with Rocketbot

When you build your robots, you could integrate with diverse applications that will allow you to work faster and smarter.

Integrate your robots with emails, OCR solutions, SMS, etc.

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Use RocketCloud and feel the power

With RocketCloud you can deploy your robots in seconds.
With our Image Docker and AWS WorkSpace distribution you can have all your robots on the cloud saving in infrastructure spending.


Orchestrate your robots

Manage and control your robots anytime

With R.O.C (Rocketbot Orchestrator Center) you can control the behavior and status of your robots.. always

Integrates to the most common OS, as well as the majority of Cloud environments.

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